Virtual Gift Tree for Oasis & Waymakers

November 22 - December 6

The gift tree is VIRTUAL this year

Consider purchasing a Christmas gift for a member of Waymakers Chapel for the Exceptional or a refugee child supported by Oasis International.

Gift Guidelines:

-Limit spending to $15

-Wrap and label packages

-Deliver or bring gifts to the church by Sunday, December 6

-if purchasing online and delivering to church, see below for specific instructions

1. Sign up to purchase for an Oasis child OR a Waymaker

You can also sign up to deliver gifts to an Oasis family between December 8 - 20th. Oasis International has specific guidelines for these interactions in regards to social distance and advance communication. We'll send you all of that info after signing up (or just email!)

2. Purchase any way you'd like!

Please limit gifts to $15. (we know some of you have such generous hearts and want to give more than that, but we really do ask that you limit to $15 per person. Our friends have struggled with fairness when they see others opening very generous gifts, while they received gifts within the limit. Thank you for understanding!)

If purchasing online - please ship to Devona Conger at the church: 2154 Dougherty Ferry Rd, 63122 AND email with:

  1. name or gender/age of person you are purchasing for
  2. description of item purchased
  3. the wonderful office ladies will wrap the gift for you! :)

3. Bring or deliver to church by December 6!

We must have all gifts delivered to the church by Sunday, December 6 so that we can get them delivered in time to Oasis and Waymakers.

If bringing your gift in: Please WRAP and LABEL your present so we know who it is for

If purchasing online and delivering to us: We will wrap for you, but please send us an email ( to let us know who it is for and what it is!