Monday Evening Women's Group

Women being authentic and deepening their relationships with God.

Leader: Karen Orf

Day & Time: Mondays 7-9pm

Current Location: Meeting via Zoom

Location When Meeting in Person: Church Lounge, 2154 Dougherty Ferry Rd, St Louis, MO 63122

Contact: Karen (CCB Login required) or contact the office

The Group's Focus

To be authentic and deepen our relationship with God. Supporting and challenging one another as God works in our lives.

Why People Love This Group

This is a great place for any woman in the church to come and be welcomed into community. We do our best to create the space and the time for God to show up and help himself to our lives.

If you'd like to visit...

…you can contact Karen (CCB Login required) or contact the office to ask any questions or get more info.  Or feel free to just show up!  We’d love to have you visit.