Our Church, Our Mission: Two Weeks of Seeking God

Join with us as we pray and seek God together for how we will move each person toward Jesus

Caleb, Emily and David explain Our Church, Our Mission (16 min.)


Even if you missed it in June, we encourage you to engage in these two weeks of Seeking God ANY time! You can read below for what it was all about.

For two weeks, between June 8 and 21, we focused as a church on prayer and seeking God. We aren't sure what the future will look like, but we are sure that it will involve everyone in our church hearing from God about how God wants him or her to move every person toward Jesus. Before Covid-times, Sunday morning services were an amazing way to bring God's Love, Presence, Truth and Power to carry out our mission. Although we can't meet at this time like we could before Covid-19, our mission is just as important as ever.

We are convinced that God wants us to move every person toward Jesus regardless of our circumstances, and He is going to show us new ways to carry out our mission in this time. He's not going to limit his inspiration to leaders and staff. We feel so much faith that He is enlisting every single one of us in our church to bring His Love, Presence, Truth, and Power in ways that fit who we are and our present circumstances. Then, when we resume Sunday morning services as we once knew, we will be a much stronger church than ever before because we will be accomplishing our mission in ways we never even dreamed of before.

Week 1: SEEK

We invite each of you to join us in prayer, maybe fasting, and seeking God. We want each one of us to ask God the question, "What are you stirring in me and laying on my heart for how I might move every person toward Jesus?" This could be just an "unction" as our pastor, David, talks about in the above video. It could be a burden toward a people group, a broad area, or something really specific like starting a food pantry. Check out the Week 1 page for more info and resources.

Week 2: SHARE

Speaking out loud what God is stirring in us can be a powerful part of birthing what God is doing. So, even as we continue to pray and seek God in week 2, we encourage you to SHARE what God puts on your heart during this week. You can share with a small group leader, a friend, or anyone in the church. But, ultimately, the church leaders would also love to heart about it! Check out the Week 2 page for more info and resources.

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