Small Groups

Learn about our small groups, a great way to connect in community.

Small Groups

God created us for community...that's what makes this time period of social-distancing so very challenging!! One of the primary ways we build community and grow in our faith at the Vineyard is through our Small Groups. We encourage you to check out our small groups as a way to stay in community during this time! Some are meeting on Zoom, some are meeting in person at safe distances from each other (with members still "zooming in.") Be sure to contact the office, or the leader of the group, if you'd like to check one out!

Our Small Groups:

  • meet 2-4 times a month (on zoom or in person, at safe social distances)
  • meet on different days of the week, Sunday through Thursday

Our Small Groups offer opportunities to:

  • worship God
  • give and receive prayer
  • study and apply the Bible to our daily lives
  • hang out with friends