Sunday Bulletin

Join us for Sunday worship!

Moving every person towards Jesus

Sunday Service - 10:30am

Sunday's Teaching (6/26)

This Sunday Dannielle Strassner gets us started on our new series, "Gifted."

Order of Service:

BEFORE SERVICE - feel free to grab a cup of coffee or tea and meet someone new.

INTRO SONG & ANNOUNCEMENTS - See our weekly announcements

OFFERING - Our offering is for the members of our church. As our guest, please don't feel compelled to give! More on our beliefs about giving.

TEACHING - A 30 minute Bible teaching. Find past teachings.

COMMUNION - Celebrated on the first Sunday of each month

WORSHIP - We devote a good portion of our service to musical worship by singing 3-4 songs. Our desire is not just to sing songs, but to express our love and commitment personally to God. The words are projected on the screen, so you can join right in.

PRAYER MINISTRY - The Bible says that God personally loves, encourages, comforts and frees us. He often uses the prayers of others to do this. If you have any need, our trained prayer ministers would love to pray for you up front during our last song of worship. More about prayer ministry.


AFTER SERVICE - Our service typically ends by about 11:45. If you have kids downstairs, please pick them up and then feel free to stick around and get to know us!

Cry Room

Have a wiggly one with you in service? Feel free to use our Cry Room with a video feed of the service, located behind the CafĂ©.

Sermon Series:

It is said that nobody is good at everything but everybody is good at something. Is this just a nice thing to say or is it a biblical truth? Join us as we look with a Kingdom lens into what it means to be "Gifted."  


Past Teachings - Video & Audio

You can find all past teachings on our YouTube channel or the teachings page on

(We post Sunday's teaching in video and audio formats by Monday afternoon each week)

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