Youth Group Calendar and Announcements


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What is Youth Ministry

Group photo of youth at VCC

We hope for every teenager we encounter to develop a lasting relationship with Jesus by trusting their entire lives to Him. We want them to experience and encounter God’s love, intimacy and transformation through the Holy Spirit, Scripture and Community of all ages. 

We support this by providing opportunities for youth to experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, making strong connections with adults in the church, and communicating the truth and love of God through Biblically-based teaching.

VCC Youth Group

When we meet

Our youth group is open to ALL 6th-12th grade students. We meet the first Friday of the month 6-9pm, then the following three Tuesdays 6-8pm. No RSVP needed, no heads up, just show up!

We generally follow the local school district calendar for holidays/ days off, but you can always check out our calendar above if you aren't sure. We have social nights and parties in addition to our weekly meetings. Details are always emailed out, so make sure you're receiving our emails!

What we do

For the first half hour of each gathering, we share a meal and hang out. Then we move into our meeting part of the night.

On Tuesdays, our meeting time is focused on a Biblical teaching to help walk us through the timeline and purpose of Scripture, an acoustic worship set, and we break into small groups for further discussion and connection.

Our Friday nights have been named "Holy Spirit Nights." Obviously we always love Holy Spirit :) but these evenings, we have a longer worship set by our VCC Youth Band, time for prayer ministry, and we've been incorporating some "Holy Spirit activations" to help us practice how and when the Spirit is moving and how we respond.

Get plugged in

Interested in joining youth group? Questions? Email our Youth Group Administrator, Erinn Stevens or contact the office to get connected to Erinn. 

Chat with us on our Slack channel #youth. Not a member of our Slack community? Click here to join.

Meet our Youth Leadership