Be a part of the mission of our church by serving on a team!

Why we serve:

Why serve at VCC?

At the Vineyard, we believe that "Everybody Gets to Play." As a church family, we don't just show up to receive ministry from a special few, we ALL take part in ministering to each other! That means we all pitch in to do the work that needs to be done. There are so many personal benefits to serving (it's fun!), but ultimately we serve because that's what Jesus does (Matt. 20:28).

Check out all of our serving teams and let us know where you'd like to join in! Our volunteers serve once a month on most teams

Serving Opportunities:

Non-Sunday Teams:

Youth Group:

Even though they don't meet on Sundays, we don't want to forget about our amazing Youth Group. Find out what is needed by checking "Youth Group" on the serving form and someone will contact you to chat about it!

Full Team: 10

Have: 7

Childcare Volunteer: MOST NEEDED

Our small groups, classes and events need your help!! We are critically low on paid babysitters and would love to have some kind-hearted volunteers to fill the gap. Would you be available to babysit the littlest of our members once a month so parents could attend a small group or event? You would be put on a list to be called when we have a need and serve as you are available.

Full Team: 8

Have: 0

Children's Ministry:

Volunteers serve once a month, unless otherwise indicated.


Nursery volunteers assist a paid babysitter each week to care for the youngest kids (birth-24 months) at VCC. Bonus: there's a TV in the nursery that livestreams the service!

Full Team: 5

Have: 4

Preschool Teacher: MOST NEEDED serve 1-2 times a month

Preschool teachers provide a structured environment each Sunday so kids (ages 2-5) can grow in their understanding and love for Jesus. All supplies and activities are prepped for you, so you can show up on Sunday morning to lead the class in play time, worship (currently via YouTube), Jesus story time, and a craft.

Full Team: 3

Have: 2

Preschool Assistant: MOST NEEDED

There are a lot of wonderful little ones with a lot of wonderful energy! Ideally, we'd have 2 assistants in addition to the teacher each week to keep all that energy corralled in a good way.

Full Team: 8

Have: 5

Kindergarten - 1st Grade Class: serve 1-2 times a month FULL TEAM! :)

We regularly have 15 or more kids in the Elementary Class every week. Ideally, we would like to have a separate class for Kindergarten and 1st graders to ensure both they and the 2nd-5th graders have a developmentally appropriate lesson each week. We are really excited to provide these younger kids their very own space to connect with one another and their teachers. Teachers serve 1-2 times/month, Assistants serve 1 time/month

For a Full Team: 3 Teachers, 4 Assistants

Still Need: 0 Teachers, 0 Assistants

2nd-5th Grade Teacher: serve 1-2 times a month MOST NEEDED

Teachers at this stage get to dig in deeper to teaching Elementary students about Jesus. The lesson, supplies and activities are prepped for teachers each week. This job requires some prep work as teachers need to read and engage with the lesson prior to Sunday morning when they meet with the kids.

Full Team: 3

Have: 2

2nd-5th Grade Assistant:

Assistants engage with elementary students in worship, crafts, and lessons on Sunday mornings. They also support the teacher in any way possible. There is no prep prior to Sunday service.

Full Team: 4

Have: 1

Principal of the Day:

"PODs" welcome parents and kids as they arrive and get them checked in to their classes. PODs set up the technology, sign kids in, run reports for the classes, and work to replace any teachers or assistants who couldn't make it.

Full Team: 5

Have: 4

Sunday Morning Teams:

Servers on these teams serve once a month.

Coffee & Tea Service: FULL TEAM! :)

These servers arrive at 9:15am, make the coffee, set out the tea and water and clean up afterward.

Full Team: 5

Have: 5

Tech Team: Visual

Get everything ready to show on the screen and advance the slides during worship.

Full Team: 5

Have: 4

Tech Team: Livestream

Ever done a YouTube live? Or played around with video equipment? We'd love to teach you how to run the livestream for the service.

Full Team: 5

Have: 4

Tech Team: Sound

If you have a good ear, we can teach you to run the sound board for the service. (Includes attending worship practice during the week in addition to Sunday morning.)

Full Team: 5

Have: 2

Greeting: FULL TEAM! :)

Greet members at the door and welcome our visitors.

Full Team: 5

Have: 9

Point Person:

This is our Sunday morning coordinator - they make sure that all servers have arrived, replace them if they don't, and do their best to have everything run as it should!

Full Team: 5

Have: 4

Worship Team

This team requires an audition, but if you have musical ability and want to contribute to worship, let us know!