Anna Schulte

Staff Admin: Compassion & Justice and Interim CM Admin

Anna Schulte

Anna's Bio

Anna Schulte, along with her husband Nathanael (Than), have been active members of VCC since 2000. They are passionate about foster care and adoption and have FIVE amazing, crazy kiddos: 3 Boys and 2 girls. In the rare times Anna is NOT at church, she loves expressing herself through music, make-up, and anything that helps her friends and family live their best lives with Jesus. She also loves horses, but in a cool way, not a lame way. 

Leadership Information

In addition to her role on staff, Anna has served in so many leadership capacities at our church over the years! Currently she is a worship leader, a member of the Leadership Strategy Assessment Team, and serves in the Preschool in KidZone when needed. She also co-leads the Friday Evening Co-Ed small Group.

Staff Information

  • Contact:
  • Schedule: Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in the office + other times at home
  • Responsibilities:
  • Compassion & Justice Ministry Administration (coordinating outreaches and events)
  • Currently filling in on Children's Ministry Administration until we fill our open position.