Dannielle Strassner

Leadership Community Pastor

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Dannielle Strassner

Dannielle's Bio

Dannielle, her husband, Jerremy, and their two kids, Ellesie and Reed, started attending VCC in 2009 when Reed was just a baby (and after toddler Ellesie's insistence they keep coming back!) Introverted at her core, Dannielle does love to be with others, especially if talking about Jesus. But most of all, she loves hanging with her dog, Samwise Gamgee. Also she wishes people today still bowed or curtsied...so when you greet her on a Sunday morning you could add a tip of your hat. ;)

Leadership information

As a Leadership Community Pastor, Teaching Team member and Immanuel Prayer Coach, Dannielle is passionate about understanding God's word and helping others understand and live it out as well.

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Contact information: please find Dannielle on CCB (CCB Login required).