These apps, booklets, articles and other resources will help you stay in touch with Jesus.

Bridgetown Audio Podcast

David Stark: "This podcast combines scriptural truth, pastoral sensitivity, and great insights about heart issues that this time is bringing up. Both teachings and daily devotions are on the same podcast. Both are good; I especially recommend the devotions."

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The Pause App

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Kitty Cramer says, “Something I have found to be very helpful and that I have been recommending to just about everyone I have been talking to is a free app that was developed by John Eldredge. It is called the “pause” app. It is in essence a spiritually directed pause which helps you connect to God in what I find to be a very powerful way. It is organized into a 1,3,5 and 10 minute directed pauses. You have to start with the one minute and are not allowed access to the longer pauses until you use each one for a certain time period. This keeps over achievers from over extending and burning themselves out. The app combines breathing, music and scripture and invites the listener to pause from the world and enter into God’s presence. It is very effective and easy to access. 

“I have gotten a lot of good feedback from people who are starting to use it on a daily basis. I find it to be a really good way to begin my quiet time each day and then as a great way to end each day. 

“I would love you to try it and see what you think. John talks a lot during the one minute because it is only a minute. Try it long enough to gain access to the three minute and I think you will see its value. I even like the one minute because I love the end where he says, “That’s good. That’s enough for now.” None of us hear those words enough!”

Christian Meditation Audios by Ben McCall

Lexio 365 App

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Erin Bushman says, “This app is a really good daily devotional and during the last week of March, it is focused on coronavirus topics.”

Devotionals from Vineyard USA

Vineyard Resources is making these three booklets available in PDF. Click or tap on the link, then click or tap on "download files," you'll see a list of available items to download. Double click or tap the first item listed.

·      How Is Your Soul? English | Español

·      The Lord’s Prayer (English & Español)

·      What Is The Kingdom Of God? (English & Español)

"My Utmost for His Highest" Subscription Email

Bill McKay: “God used My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers more than any other daily devotional to shape me into the disciple he wants me to be. It’s thought-provoking and often challenging as Chambers calls us in a variety of ways to ‘surrender the right to yourself’ to Jesus. If you aren’t familiar with it, check it out. If you are, here’s a way to return to this classic.”

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Centering Prayer App

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Bill McKay: "Centering prayer is a way to enter into silence and solitude with Jesus. This app helps create a space for centering prayer with guidelines, scripture, music, and a timer so you don't have to think about the clock. I've used this app off and on for years and found it very helpful."

Reimagining the Examen

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Bill McKay: "The Examen is a time of prayer in which you look back over the past day or so and ask God to show you when you felt close to Jesus and when you felt not so close. Then the Examen helps you ask Jesus about those times, see him with you in them, and learn what he has to teach you.

"This app is helpful because it guides you through Examen prayer for a bunch of different life circumstances such as 'Identifying inner Wounds,' 'Gratitude,' 'An Impending Decision,' and 'My Past, Present, and Future.'"

The Abide—Christian Meditation App

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Peggy Dotson: "The one resource that I turn to again and again is the Abide app. It has really wonderful devotions that don't require reading or watching a video."

(Note that this app requires a $40.00/year subscription)

Mindful Christian Meditations on YouTube

Aimee Baumgartner recommends the Mindful Christian Meditations channel on YouTube. These meditations—on topics such as Dealing with Anxiety, Experiencing Joy, and Being Still in the Presence of God—come in three lengths: short (around seven minutes), medium (around fifteen minutes),and long (around twenty minutes).

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Breath Prayer Blog Entry

Aimee Baumgartner recommends the blog entry on Breath Prayer. This brief article explains the basics of praying a breath prayer and provides some sample breath prayers.

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