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Bill McKay: “I’ve subscribed to Mikey’s Funnies for the past 20 years and received a joke a day, five days a week. It’s often funny, always clean, and usually a little bright spot in the day. To subscribe, go to www.mikeysFunnies.com. Enjoy.”

The Chosen

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The Chosen is a television series about the life of Jesus, which you access through an app. The app makes it easy to cast the program onto your television.

Erinn Stevens: “Craig and I watched The Chosen (crowd-funded app) and it was awesome. So well-made and showed well-known stories from the Gospels in a totally different way. I'm reading through the gospels, beginning with Matthew, to accompany the show as well.”

Bill McKay: "Martha and I have started watching The Chosen and really like it. Be aware that this is a crowd funded project and they will ask for a donation before you're allowed to watch episodes two and following."