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Welcome to the Vineyard!!

We believe that no matter where you're at or where you're coming from that God wants to meet with you...YES even in this strange and challenging time of social-distancing. How cool is that? We'd love to get to know you better, too. Let's get you on our email list so that you can start receiving resources and updates from us to start getting you acquainted with who we are and what we do at Vineyard. Would you take a moment to fill out our Connect Card so we can keep you in the loop? Just for filling it out, we'll donate $10 on your behalf to a charity of your choice.

Step 1: Fill out our connect card

Step 2: Check out our website

Find out more about us, what we believe and what goes on around here at our external website:

Step 3: Attend a newcomer event

We try to host a casual "get to know you" newcomer event about once a quarter. These are a great way to get a snapshot of our church and ask any questions you might have. If we have one coming up, we have it below. If not, click the button "I'm interested in the next event" and we'll get you on the email list for when it's scheduled! :)

Step 4: Check out a Small Group

God created us for community! Finding community is obviously really challenging in this time of social distancing, but most of our small groups are currently meeting via Zoom. If you're interested in checking one of our small groups out, contact the office to get contact information for the group's leader.

Our Small Groups:

  • meet 2-4 times a month
  • meet on different days of the week, Sunday through Thursday

and they offer opportunities to:

  • worship God
  • give and receive prayer
  • study and apply the Bible to our daily lives
  • virtually hang out with friends

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