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Articles and videos that will help you think more deeply about following Jesus in these times.

"A Living Hope--Living in the Light of the Resurrection" with Tim Mackie

David Stark: “I recently watched this teaching and would highly recommend it if you have time - it's by Tim Mackie (the theologian behind the Bible Project). It's super encouraging and applies to what we are going through right now."

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“Pandemics Kill Compassion, Too: You may not like who you’re about to become” by David Brooks

Bethany Panian: My field director in Japan sent this article out. The last line especially felt like a call to the church, and I wanted to share it with you.”

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Legacy: An interview with Carol Wimber, Penny Fulton and Bob Fulton

David Stark: "I always forget how God uses young people to do extraordinary things . I really enjoyed this." 

This 55-minute video interview features three of the people God used to start the Vineyard movement, starting with a small group in 1976. The video traces the history of the Vineyard and includes video footage of John Wimber's personal testimony.

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