Bible Toolbox

From Bible Apps to seminary level video courses: You'll find a wealth of Bible resources here.

The Bible is where God reveals himself to us. This is essential because God is infinite and great and we are not. Therefore the only way we can know God—who God is, how he sees us, how we can have an eternal relationship with him, and how he designed us to live—is by his revealing all that (and more) to us. Anyone who wants to live as a fully-devoted Jesus-follower will read, study, learn, memorize, and live according to the Bible.

There are many, many resources available to help us learn to read and understand the Bible. Here are some of the best ones organized into three cards:

  • Getting Started
  1. Bible Apps
  2. The Bible Project Video Link: An Introduction to Reading the Bible
  3. Book: How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth
  4. Website: The Bible Project
  • Going Deeper
  1. Video Link: Bible Survey, A Big Screen Perspective
  2. Book: Eat This Book
  3. Website: Biblical Training
  • Going Even Deeper Still
  1. Video: Introduction to Hermenuetics, Part 1
  2. Video: Revelation